​​This was my CS 562 Deferred Rendering Framework at DigiPen Institute of Technology. Deferred rendering is a 2 pass algorithm in which the first pass renders just the geometry of the scene, and defers all the shading to the second pass.

The video shows a scene with many small local lights. Image based lighting is used for illuminating the surfaces the of rotating spheres.

 I also learned and implemented exponential shadow mapping, and silhouette rendering.  



This was my CS 529​ final project at DigiPen Institute of Technology. I built the entire game engine and game play from scratch.

I did not create nor own any of the art content.


Star Wars 2D Trench Game - Solo Project

Cardboard Kingdom is a 3D co-operative beat 'em up game. You must save a kingdom of cardboard and toys from Frank the Frog. Play with up to three friends in a colorful quest to retrieve the three stolen chalk pieces!

This was my award winning 2nd year MSc. team project at DigiPen Institute of Technology. The team consisted of 5 developers, 4 artists, 2 sound designers, and 2 game designers.

I was responsible for animation and porting all art content into the game.

Everything was done in our own custom engine.

IUGO Mobile Entertainment - Software Engineer in Core Editor Technology

Tools Developer

Mages in Mazes is an epic battle of magic to find out who is the best wizard. Fight against up to three of your friends to see who can collect the most demon souls! Requires a LAN connection for multiplayer.

This was my award winning 1st year MSc. team project at DigiPen Institute of Technology. The team consisted of 5 developers, 4 artists, 1 sound designer, and 1 game designer.

I was the animation, graphics, and art pipeline programmer, and built the level editor. 

Everything was done from scratch -- and the project finished in 4 months. 

Modelviewer Framework - Solo Project

Mages in Mazes - Animation, Art Pipeline, and Tools Programmer

This was my first OpenGL project at the University of British Columbia. 

I manually modeled and animated the giraffe in a vegetation environment. I created the algorithm for the trees myself, and I used "The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants" (Prusinkiewicz) to program the bushes and flowers.


Giraffe Animation - Solo Project

Deferred Rendering Framework - Solo project

This was my Modelviewer Framework for CS 560 Advanced Animation and Modeling I at DigiPen Institute of Technology. 

Framework has ability to load and easily view 3D animated or static models. I used my own custom binary format that was exported out of Maya using a plugin that I built. 

The framework showcases skinned keyframe animation, path following, animation blending, and inverse kinematics. 

This was my CS 541 Advanced Computer Graphics final resulting project at DigiPen Institute of Technology.

The framework implements graphics techniques of BRDF lighting, shadow mapping, reflection mapping, normal mapping. The framework also shows a sky dome texture wrapped inside of a large sphere.  


CS 541 Graphics Framework

Cardboard Kingdom - Animation, Art Pipeline, and Tools Programmer