Tools Developer


∙ Proficient:  C, C++, C#, WPF, WCF, SharpSVN, OpenGL, GLSL, Maya SDK, Subversion, Git
∙ Familiar: Java, Matlab, Maya
∙ Math skills: 3D math, quaternions, linear algebra, bezier and spline curves
∙ Graphics skills: BRDF lighting, real-time shadow and reflection generation, normal mapping,  Deferred rendering,                                              Gaussian filtering, image based lighting, silhouette generation


 ∙ IUGO Mobile Entertainment
   Game Tools Developer                                                                                                                                             July `16 – Present

  • Architect and sole developer of 3D art pipeline with use of Maya SDK, WCF, C++/CLI, C#, and Qt
  • Architect of engine’s database and branching system, and maintainer of engine’s sync system
  • Creator of data comparison tool with use of SVN Library, SharpSVN
  • Creator of multiple 3D Scene Tools, Gizmos (Translation / Rotation controls), and path system
  • Creator of engine’s permission system
  • Developer of editor front-end (C# / WPF / xaml)
  • Improved editor loading using profiling and optimization
  • Restructured code base of sprite tools, improving readability of code, and supporting on demand and garbage collection of image data
  • Maintained data tools, such as CSV import / export, and Copy and Paste
  • Daily communication with clients (artists, designers, developers) using the editor; supporting their needs
  • Company representative at career fairs UBC (October 18, 2018) and DigiPen (April 18, 2018)  


∙ “Cardboard Kingdom”, DigiPen, team project written in C++, won Best Master’s Game                                  Sept – Apr ‘15
Animation and art pipeline programmer
Built a model exporter plugin to easily extract 3D animated assets into team project engine
Integrated curved path-following using Catmull Rom splines  
Integrated animation blending for transitions between behaviours
∙ Solo Projects, DigiPen                                                                                                                                                  Sept – Dec ‘14
Designed a model viewer graphics framework able to load and easily view 3D models
Implemented skinned keyframe animation, path following, and animation blending
Implemented inverse kinematics using cyclic coordinate descent algorithm
Designed deferred rendering framework from scratch
Implemented silhouette detection in image space using GLSL compute shader
∙ “Mages in Mazes”, DigiPen, team project written in C++, won Best Master’s Game                                          Jan – Apr ‘14
   Animation, art pipeline, and tools programmer
  ○ Programmed the art pipeline to support 3D skinned (animated) models
  ○ Built a level editor tool to facilitate level creation
∙ Sci-Fi 2D side scroller, DigiPen, written in C++ using OpenGL                                                                              Sept – Dec ‘13
     ○ Implemented a solo game engine written entirely from scratch
∙ Giraffe animation, written in C++, won 1st place, UBC CPSC Hall of Fame
     ○ Designed and animated a giraffe moving in fractal vegetation environment


· ProjectFUN ZeroEngine teacher                                                                                                                             Jun – Aug ‘14

  • Instructed 20 high school students, scripting, and level creation using an existing engine

· DigiPen Math 300/500 (Curves and Surfaces) teacher assistant                                                                     Jan – Aug ‘14

  • Graded homework and projects for classes of ~50 students

· Powertech Labs Inc BC Intern                                                                                                                                 Jan – Apr ‘08
· QUIC Financial Technologies BC Intern                                                                                                                May – Dec ‘08

  • Designed and programmed graphical user interfaces for managing data files


· Online Poker Game Simulator, written in C++
· Solved over 100 Project Euler problems
· Sudoku puzzle solver, written in C++
· King Snake Cube puzzle solver, written in Java


· Master of Computer Science, DigiPen Institute of Technology                                                                          2015
· B.Sc Computer Science and Mathematics, University of British Columbia                                                      2012